(Update) Ladyqueen Charm Review: Triangle Studs (# NA0717)

Hello ladies of the world!

In this blog post, I will be reviewing triangle studs that was sent by www.ladyqueen.com

I am basically on a daily challenge and feel like elaborating these cute triangle charms on my mani. So here it is:


The theme is Half-moon mani. I thought, why not collaborate half-moon and tribal? The triangle charms that I talk about is the one on my middle finger. Mine is in silver colour. The dimension of the charm is 2×4 mm, quite small which is easy to attach here and there on your nail. In a package there are 20 pieces and costs $2.99 (reg price is $ 3.94).

Overall, I love how you can easily manage to add dimension to your mani just by adding this little charm on your nails.

Here is another shot of this mani using this charm (http://www.ladyqueen.com/20pcs-golden-triangle-jewelry-3dnail-decoration-nail-art-na0717.html)


Yeeeah…! Now go get yours and enjoy 15% discount by using my code PALS15



Have fun!

7 Cara Memakai BornPrettyStore Liner (ID #21980) / INA (Update)

If you want to read this review in English, click here.

Hello ladies of the world!

Hari ini Jeng Mar pingin berbagi 7 cara menggunakan Liner dari BornPretty yaa. Kuas ini Jeng Mar dapat dari Born pretty Store, nomer IDnya adalah 21980.

Kuas ini tipis banget loh:


Saat tidak dipakai, bagian pegangan kuas bisa dilepas lalu dipakai untuk menutup kuasnya. Jadi ni rambut kuasnya aman, ngga bakal mekar-mekar kesana-kesini kaya rambutnya Jeng Mar pas bangun tidur. Hihi…


  1. Kembang di pagar

Desain mudah ini terinspirasi dari majalah kukunya Jeng Mar yang udah lama. So girly!


Nih, ada petunjuk mudahnya:


2. Nail art motif kain

Ini desain yang mudah dibuat ketika kita lagi sibuk. Tinggal sret, sret, sreeett!! Selesaaaai!


3. Anggunnya Satu Garis

Kalau kalian sibuk tapi pingin tetep kelihatan cantik:


4. Dua Garis Imut

Cara lain untuk terlihat anggun:


Di kukunya Jeng Mar, dia kaya gini nih. Cantik ngga? Harus bilang, “Iya, Jeng Mar… Cantiiikkk…” *ngakakneneksihir


5. Waterfall Nails

Mau digimanain juga ini nailart selalu cantik (menurut Jeng Mar sih..hihi)


6. Half-Part Fun

Ribet dikit tapi gampang kok bikinnya:


7. Stripes and Flowers

Cara lain terlihat girly:


Okay, jadi kesimpulan Jeng Mar tentang kuas ini?

Tipisnya kuas ini sangat memudahkan membuat garis tipis. Jeng Mar bahkan tidak perlu mencukurnya untuk menjadikannya lebih tipis seperti kuas-kuas Jeng Mar yang lama. Kelebihan lain adalah bagian gagangnya yang bisa dilepas dan dijadikan tutup kuas agar tidak mudah rusak atau mekar ketika tidak dipakai.

Negatif? Entahlah. Jeng Mar kok belum nemuin sesuatu yang ngga ngenakin tentang kuas ini ya. Bukan kenapa-napa. Kayaknya kuas ini favorit Jeng Mar saat ini deh.

Okay, Jeng Mar harap kalian suka nail art-nya dan review Jeng Mar mengenai kuas liner ini. Kalau kalian terinspirasi dan membuat nailart kemudian posting di Instagram, tag Jeng Mar ya, pakai ini nih #lookn4jc.

Dan jangan lupa pakai kode MTGK31 kalau kalian berbelanja di www.bornprettystore.com supaya dapat potongan 10%.

Dadah semuaa!

How To Successfully Do A Striping Nails Design

Hello, ladies of the world!!
So, when you look at my blog now, it is crappy and most of the pics are gone. That was because most of the images in this blog are linked to my Instagram account @nailart4JC. But guess what? A nasty hacker had logged in to it and deleted all my pictures, along with the memories. Yes. ALL of them. I thought he wasn’t fair because when he did that, I was severely struggling with Rubella that got me all dizzy and feverish.
But well, it had happened though and all I could do now is to protect it with all my might. Second thing that I could do is to gradually reposting the images back to my Instagram account and one day put on my old username, @nailart4JC. Wait, already did, though. Lol.
Anyways, now I am back and in the long run I will be writing my blog in Bahasa Indonesia, I think, but I haven’t decided yet.

Perfect Stripe Nails

In this post, I will be talking about How To Successfully Do A Striping Nails Design.
Many of my friends complain that their striping design usually fails or does not turn out they way they wanted it to be. So I asked them how they did it and found some things that they should pay more attention to.
Below is the summary of what you can do to get successful Striped nails:
1. What is ‘successful’ striped nails?
The word successful here means you have crisp lines that do not smudge nor smear in different directions.
2. What you need: different colours of nail polish, how many and what colours they are is up to you but minimum 2. Quick-Dry Topcoat, striping tapes, scissors, twezeers, flat brush for cleaning (if necessary).
How to:
1. Paint you nails using your desired base colour/s. Topcoat and wait till it is completely dry. Waiting for more than 20 minutes will get it super dry and you’ll love the result; so be patient.What I mean by this is that the drier the base colour, the more it will stick and wont peel along when you peel the tape.
2. Cut your striping tapes as many pieces as you want. You might want to draw first what you plan the design to be like on a piece of paper or in your design book if you have any. For me, it kinda look like this (this is in my planner and I was doing it while waiting for my students to finish their worksheet; Yes, I am a teacher).

My crappy loose leaf binder

3. Once you have enough cut tapes, you can start working by sticking the tapes on your nails the way you planned it. If you did not plan it, go random, they can look good, too.

Robotic Look

4. Sticking the tapes on your skin before sticking it on your nails can help reduce the stickiness which can help in not making it sticky while peeling because when it is too sticky, it can grab the base colour if it wasn’t dry enough. Geez, that was a long sentence; I hope that makes sense to you, hehehe.
5. I prefer making sure the base colour is very dry so I don’t have to stick the tapes on my skin before appyling them on my nails. Press them lightly, making sure there are no gaps, especially at the edges of the tapes or at the cross of more than one tapes.
6. When they are ready, apply the second coat of polish thick enough to cover the whole nail you can’t see the tapes.
7. Using the tweezers, peel the tapes swiftly. Having a piece of tissue paper handy also helps you rid the used tapes.
8. Check if there were leaks that created some sort of wavy instead of straight crisp lines. Clean it using the brush after soaking it in the acetone/polish remover. Don’t worry cos the topcoat is protecting the base colour anyway.

Sexy in red and gold

Now that you have read my simple explanation, I hope your striping nail art will be improving. If not, you might want to try using nail vinyls. Hahaha… Bye for now!!